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1.请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项(  )。

A. carried

B. borrowed

C. asked

D. thread


2. 请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项(  )。

A. combine

B. complain

C. comprise

D. complex


3. 请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项(  )。


B. professor

C. mission

D. pressure


4.请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项(  )。






5.请选择出划线部分读音不同的选项(  )。

A. scissors

B. score

C. screen

D. sculpture



6.No sooner had she got home__________________she tried on her new coat.

A. that

B. than

C. before

D. when


解析: no sooner…than引导时间状语从句,表示“一……就……”。

7.You must take __________for granted that I will help you.

A. it

B. that

C. this

D. its


解析:it是形式宾语,句子真正的宾语是从句that l will help you。

8.Bob is __________rude that everyone dislikes him.

A. so

B. too

C. very

D. such


解析: 这个句子为“so...that...”结构。

9.It __________John and Kate who helped me the other day.

A. is

B. was

C. are

D. were


解析: 因为句子主语是it,谓语动词用单数。本句是过去时态。

10.Mary has just called and asked __________to have lunch with her tomorrow.

A. you and I

B. you and me

C. I and you

D. me and you


解析: 作ask的宾语需用宾格me。

11.__________electrons are still smaller.

A. As atoms small are

B. As atoms smaller as

C. Small as atoms are

D. Smaller atoms as are



12.It was clever __________at the answer in two minutes.

A. of him to arrive

B. for him to arrive

C. for his arriving

D. of his arriving


解析: 比is+形容词+of+名词/代词+不定式,of后的名词/代词为不定式的动作发出者。

13.Stop __, boys! It's time for class.

A. talking

B. to talk

C. talk

D. being talk


解析: stop doing sth.表示“停止做某事”;stop to do sth.表示“停下来(开始)做某事”。

14.I liked to play football when I was young.__

A. So he was

B. So was he

C. So did he

D. So he did


解析: 表示与前面所说一致的情况下,如果是so开始,则主谓倒装,但要注意其动词应跟主句的动词一致。

15.It is not __________to discuss the question again and again.

A. worth

B. worthy

C. worthwhile

D. worth while


解析:be worth+名词:值……的,be worth doing sth.:值得做,be worthy of+名词:值得……的,be worthwhile to do sth.值得做某事。

16.Many countries face some serious problems of land use, __________result from population growth and the demands of modem technological living.

A. which most

B. most of which

C. most which

D. of most which


解析: 这是由which引导的非限制性定语从句。

17. Our boss told me my plan was still __________discussion.

A. in

B. under

C. of

D. with


解析: under discussion表示“在讨论中”,类似的还有under consideration(在考虑中)等。

18. Tom looks so pale today.He __________ill.

A. must be

B. had to be

C. should be

D. shall be


解析: 情态动词must表示推测。

19.He said he __________the next day.

A. will come back

B. come back

C. would come back

D. came back


解析: 主句谓语动词是过去时态,从句的时态应与主句一致。而从句中表示的是过去的将来,所以从句中的谓语动词应用过去将来时。

20. George did __________than anyone else.

A. much work

B. more work

C. work much

D. work more


解析: 当比较级结构中的more、less等词为限定词时,名词只能置于比较级结构中间。



Many people believe that Americans love their cars almost more than anything else. They are 21__________about cars. Not only is the car the 22 __________means of transportation in the States, it has 23__________________become a "plaything".24 __________the time youngsters become fourteen years old or even 25__________, they are likely to start 26__________________of having their own cars.

In the USA, the 27__________________family, if the father is not 28__________________work, can afford to buy a new car every five years. However, many young people 29__________________after school in order to save money to buy a car. Learning to drive and getting a driver license may be one of the most exciting 30 __________of a young person's life. Driver 31__________________is one of the most popular courses. At the end of the course the student will 32__________________a driving test for a license.33__________________many, that piece of paper means that they have grown up.

In the United States, many men and women 34__________________to have cars. People use cars to go to work.35__________________drive cars to go shopping, to take the children to school or for other activities.

21.请选择最佳答案填入(  )

A. crazy

B. careful

C. sure

D. wonderful


【解题指要】本题为词语搭配题。本句的意思是:他们对车很着迷。A狂热的、着迷的,B小心的、仔细的,C确信的,D奇妙的、极好的。be crazy about意思为“着迷”。

22. 请选择最佳答案填入(  )

A. quickness

B. closest

C. basic

D. scientific


【解题指要】本题为词义选择题。本句的意思是:在美国,小汽车不仅是最基本的交通工具……。A急速、迅速,B最近的,C基本的,D科学的。not only是否定副词,放于句首时,需要主谓倒装。

23. 请选择最佳答案填入(  )

A. already

B. just

C. even

D. also


【解题指要】本题考查not only...(but)also(不但……而且……)句型。本句的意思是:(小汽车不仅是最基本的交通工具,)还是人们的“玩物”。A已经、早已,B仅仅、刚才,C甚至,D也、而且。

24. 请选择最佳答案填入(  )

A. From

B. By

C. At

D. Until



25. 请选择最佳答案填入(  )

A. later

B. earlier

C. less

D. more



26. 请选择最佳答案填入(  )

A. fond

B. imagining

C. wishing

D. dreaming


【解题指要】本题为词语搭配题。本句的意思是:(从14岁开始,或者更早些,)年轻人就梦想拥有自己的车。A喜欢,B想象,C希望、想要,D梦想。be fond of:喜欢做某事,imaginedoing sth:想象做某事,wish to do sth:希望做某事,dream of doing sth:梦想做某事。

27. 请选择最佳答案填入(  )

A. most

B. standard

C. average

D. rich



28. 请选择最佳答案填入(  )

A. at

B. from

C. out of

D. for


【解题指要】本题为语境加搭配题。本句的意思是:对于普通家庭,只要父亲不失业,每五年就能买辆新车。out of work:失业。

29.请选择最佳答案填入(  )

A. work

B. look

C. seek

D. graduate



30. 请选择最佳答案填入(  )

A. times

B. skills

C. news

D. successes



31. A. club

B. experience

C. training

D. test



32. A. make

B. hold

C. pass

D. take



33. A. For

B. So

C. Too

D. As



34. A. used

B. need

C. ought

D. dear


【解题指要】本题为语境题。由下句(People use cars to go to work.)可知,很多人都需要小汽车。A使用,B需要,C应该,D亲爱的、昂贵的。

35. A. Couples

B. Woman

C. Husbands

D. Housewives






The year 2000 will bring big changes in communication.Cell phones will be small enough to carry in your pocket.Videophones will let you see the person you are talking to on the phone.Tiny hand size computers will know your favorite subjects.The Internet and email will be everywhere. Technologists believe 2000 will be the year of video messaging.You will be able to see whom you're talking to.

Also in the near future small wireless boxes will pick up information from satellites.In 5 years, computers won't need to be connected through wires.

All of this will be good for rural areas and countries that don't have cable or telephone now.

In 20 years you may only need to think about something and the computer will do it.

Constance Hale is the author of Sin and Syntax, "I believe that email has been an incredible boon to communication.People are writing today where they would have been telephoning yesterday.So people are engaging with words more than they have for the last couple generations."

If people use email and the Internet more, it could make people better readers and writers.Some people think the most important part of communication is to make people understand each other better.Will technology make that easier?

The translator also comes in handy in medical emergencies.Tam Dinh says, "Where people are injured it's always important to get as much information as quickly as possible."

Bob Parks is an Associate Editor of Wired Magazine, "Bob's morning begins at about 6:45 am.and Bob is kind of mad, because Bob usually gets up at around 7:15 and likes to cut it close with his morning commute, but I look at my radio and it says that there's a traffic jam on 101 South and I'm gonna need an extra 1/2 hour.And so my radio has got a net connection, wireless net connection as well as a good old power cord to the wall and it has received notice that there's a traffic jam and it has calculated an extra 1/2 hour commute time."

Some day everything may be connected to the Internet.Your refrigerator will add milk to your Internet grocery list when the date on the carton has passed.Light bulbs will be ordered before they burn out.

It's fun to try to guess the future.Usually the predictions are wrong.The one thing we know for sure is that we can't imagine how technology will change.{Page}

36.How will wireless computers and Internet services help rural areas?

A.One of the biggest barriers to Internet use is getting wires into rural areas.

B.The wireless computers will be cheaper.

C.People in rural areas don't have anything else to do.

D.People in rural areas already have wireless boxes on their roofs.



37. Constance Hale says "email has been an incredible boon to communication".What Does she mean by this?

A.People want to see the person they are talking to on the phon

B. email is easier than talking on the phon

C. People are using writing and reading more with emai

D. email is not private enoug


解析: 参见第五段。Hale说今天的人们用得更多的是电子邮件。

38. In which case mentioned in the passage would an automatic language translator be helpful?

A.A medical emergenc

B. Police actio

C. Travelin

D. All of the abov


解析: 参见倒数第四段。

39. Why did Bob Parks radio wake him up 1/2 hour earlier than usual?

A.The electricity had gone off during the nigh

B. Bob had set the alarm wron

C. Bob did not want to be lat

D. The Internet had informed the radio of a traffic ja


解析: 参见倒数第三段。


When I was about 12 1 had an enemy, a girl who liked to point out my shortcomings.Week by week her list grew: I was skinny, I wasn't a good student, I was boyish, I talked too loud, and so on.I put up with her as long as I could.At last, with great anger, I ran to my father in tears.

He listened to my outburst quietly.Then he asked, "Are the things she says true or not?"

True? I wanted to know how to strike back.What did truth have to do with it?

"Mary, didn't you ever wonder what you are really like? Well, you now have that girl's opinion.Go and make a list of everything she said and mark the points that are true.Pay no attention to the other things she said."

I did as he directed and discovered to my surprise that about half the things were true.Some of them I couldn't change (like being skinny), but a good number I could and suddenly wanted to change.

For the first time in my life I got a fairly clear picture of myself.

I brought the list back to Daddy.He refused to take it.

"That's just for you," he said."You know better than anybody else the truth about yourself, once you hear it.But you've got to learn to listen, not to close your ears in anger or hurt.When something said about you is true you'll know it.You'll find that it will echo inside you."

Daddy's advice has returned to me at many important moments.

40.What did the girl's enemy like to do?

A. Talking with he

B. Pointing out her weak point

C. Reporting to the teache

D. Quarrelling with he



41.What did the girl do when she could no longer bear her enemy?

A. She turned to her fathe

B. She cried to her heart's conten

C. She tried to put up with her agai

D. She tried to be her frien


解析: 通过上下文可知。

42. Why did the girl's father ask her to make the list?

A. He wanted to keep the list at hom

B. He didn't know what the girl's enemy had sai

C. He wanted the girl to talk bac

D. He wanted her to check if she really had these weak point


解析: 参见第四段。

43.What can we infer from reading the passage?

A. The girl benefited from her father's advic

B. The girl was very often angry with her fathe

C. The girl's father loved other people's advic

D. The girl was easily hurt by her father


解析: 通过句子“For the first time in my life I got a fairly clear picture of myself.”可知。

根据以下资料,回答下面试题。   T

he earliest immigrants to North America found Indians already living there.The Indians numbered about 500,000 at that time.Their society was a primitive society, but they lived peacefully and welcomed the white strangers to the land.However, these early immigrants from Europe didn't want to share the land with the natives.They killed off many of the Indians, seized their land or pushed them off to lands farther away.Today the Indians, not more than half a million, live in poverty and misery on the land on which they were once masters.

The earliest immigrants were the Spanish, who settled in the southern part of what is now the US.The next large group were the English, after the English came the French, Dutch, Irish, Germans, and other nationality groups, mostly European.

Another early group to arrive were the Negroes.But they were brought in as slaves from Africa.They didn't win freedom till generations later.

44.Who were the earliest people living in North America?

A. The Spanis

B. The Englis

C. The Negroe

D. The Indian



45. Why didn't the immigrants share the lands with the natives?

A. They thought the Indians were not friendly to the

B. They wanted to seize the lands as their ow

C. Because North America was first discovered by the

D. Because the Indian people liked making war to the


解析: 参见第一段句子:“However,these early immigrants from Europe didn’t want to share the land with the natives.They killed off many of the Indians,seized their land or pushed them off to lands farther away.”

46.According to this passage, which of the following is true?

A. The Negroes came to North America in order to work for the earliest immigrant

B. The Negroes also belonged to the earliest immigrants to the North Americ

C. The Negroes were brought to America by chanc

D. The Negroes didn't win freedom until no


解析: 参见最后一段。

47.Which is the best title of this passage?

A. The Earliest People in North Americ

B. The Earliest Immigrants to North Americ

C. The People of the United State

D. Europeans were the Earliest People Coming to the North Americ


解析: 文章主要讲的是到北美的移民,所以选B。


Can animals be made to work for us? Some scientists think that one day animals may be trained to do a number of simple jobs that are now done by human beings.

They point out that at a circus, for example, we may see elephants, monkeys, dogs and other animals doing quite skillful things.Perhaps you have seen them on the television or in a film.If you watch closely, you may notice that the trainer always gives the animal a piece of candy or a piece of fruit as a reward.The scientists say that many different animals may be trained to do a number of simple jobs if they know they will get a reward for doing them.

Of course, as we know, dogs can be used to guard a house, and soldiers in both old and modem times have used geese to give warning by making a lot of noise when a stranger or an enemy comes near.But it may be possible to train animals to work in factories.In Russia, for example, pigeons which are birds with good eyesight, are being used to watch out for faults in small steel balls that are being made in one factory.When the pigeon sees a ball which looks different from others, it touches a steel plate with its beak.This turns on a light to warn people in the factory.At the same time a few seeds are given as a reward.It takes three to five weeks to train a pigeon to do this and one pigeon can inspect 3 000 to 4 000 balls an hour.

Apes have been used in America in helping to make cars, and scientists believe that these large monkeys may be one day gather crops and even drive trains.

48.What made scientists think animal can be made to work for us one day?

A. Animals are very skillful at a circu

B. They are big and stron

C. Some animals are as clever as human being

D. Animals can be trained because they like to get something as a rewar


解析:参见句子:They point out that at a circus,for example,we may see elephants,monkeys,dogs and other animals doing quite skillful things.句中they指的就是scientists。

49.The trainer usually gives the animal a piece of candy or fruit __.

A. when it is hungry

B. before it plays a trick

C. when it starts to play a trick

D. after it has done the trick


解析: 动物做一个表演,就给它一些吃的东西。

50.Many animals may be trained to do simple jobs if they know __.

A. who their trainers are

B. they will be praised by theft trainers

C. they will get a reward

D. something dangerous will happen to them


解析: 参见句子:The scientists say that many different animals may be trained to do anumber of simple jobs if they know they will get a reward for doing them.

51.Which of the following is not true?

A. Scientists consider apes may drive trains some da

B. Apes have worked in some factorie

C. Apes may one day be used to gather crop

D. An ape is not a large monke


解析: 文中最后一段中large monkeys就指apes。


Train companies in Tokyo are taking action to reduce the number of people jumping in front of trains.They are fitting blue lights on station platforms to try and create a more calming atmosphere.The East Japan Railway Company has invested almost $170,000 to install the lights in all of the 29 stations on the capital's busy Yamanote Line.There has been an alarming rise in the number of people committing suicide at train stations.A total of 68 people threw themselves under trains in the year up to March.This compares with 42 suicides in the same period a year earlier.In 2008, Japan had nearly 2,000 suicides by jumping in front of a train; around six percent of all suicides nationwide.Suicides have risen sharply in the past decade due to poor economic conditions.

No one knows if the blue lights will work.There is no evidence to show that blue light reduces suicidal feelings. Keihan Railway spokesman Osamu Okawa stated: "We thought we had to do something to save lives.We know there is no scientific proof that blue lights deter suicides, but if blue has a soothing effect on the mind, we want to try it to save lives." The Associated Press news agency reports on a Japanese therapist called Mizuki    Takahashi.She explained her reasons why the blue lights might be a good idea: "We associate the color with the sky and the sea.It has a calming effect on agitated people, or people obsessed with one particular thing, which in this case is committing suicide," she said.Other companies are watching this experiment with interest.

52.Why blue lights are installed in many train stations?

A. Because they do not hurt human eye

B. Because they are cheaper than regular one

C. Because they can help people at nigh

D. Because they can reduce the number of suicide



53.The use of blue lights to reduce suicides __________.

A. has no result yet

B. is proved effective

C. is welcomed by suicides

D. has been refused by stations


解析: 全文中多处提到,无论从科学的角度还是试验的角度,都还没有结果表明蓝色的灯是否会真的起作用。

54.A Japanese therapist explained that __________.

A. many suicides love blue color

B. the color of sky and see may calm excited people

C. only people with trouble in mind need blue color

D. blue color will definitely work to save suicides


解析: 第二段中说到,一位日本的理疗医师说,蓝色被认作是天空和海洋,有让心情焦躁的人或受到某个特殊事件刺激的人平静下来的作用。选项C中的0nly不合题意,太绝对了。

55.What is the writer's attitude toward the experiment? He is __________.

A. interested

B. denying

C. objective

D. indifferent


解析: 作者通篇以陈述的口气说明了一个真实的试验。以客观的事实说明该事件,并没有以个人的看法为主导思想。




A : Excuse me,56__________________?

B: Sure,57__________, then take the second turn on the right.

Walk on until you come to the traffic lights. Then turn left. You can't miss it.

A: 58__________________?

B: No, you can walk there.


B: It's only about 10 minutes' walk.

A: 60__________.

B : Not at all. Bye-bye!

A: Bye!

56. 请把最佳答案填入(  )

【答案】Could(can)you tell me the way to Tian’an Men/would you kindly tell me the way to Tian’an Men/how can I get to Tian’an Men/which is the way to Tian’an Men


57. 请把最佳答案填入(  )

【答案】go along this street/walk down this street


58. 请把最佳答案填入(  )

【答案】Should(Do)I need to take a bus/Need I take a bus


59. 请把最佳答案填入(  )

【答案】How far is it


60. 请把最佳答案填入(  )

【答案】Thank you(very much)/Thanks a lot/Many thanks













61.你(LiYuan)和几个朋友约定明天在人民公园野餐。你们的朋友Peter也应邀参加。 你给他写封信,内容包括:




答案:Dear Peter,

We're so glad you're coming to join us tomorrow. Here is how you can find us. We'll have our picnic in the People's Park. You know where it is, don't you? After you enter the park by the main gate, walk straight on till you come to a stream. Cross the stream and turn right. After walking for a while you'll come to a lake. We'll have our picnic there in the small woods by the lake. I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding us. Do come!







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